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 Welcome to the Pollyanna Pickering Studio.  We are pleased to offer an exclusive range of fine art limited edition prints, each individually numbered and signed by Pollyanna. 

Pollyanna with baby tawny owl

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Pollyanna Pickering is passionate about wildlife and equally passionate about accurately interpreting her subjects. She is a champion of environmental conservation, both on the national and international stage, and is an indefatigable campaigner for the welfare of endangered, sick and vulnerable creatures.

Pollyanna has embarked on an ongoing series of expeditions to study and sketch wildlife in their natural habitats.  Pollyanna believes that the unique quality of her work comes from the time spent studying real animals in their natural habitat. Zoos or reference books, are no substitute for experiencing the heat and dust of the Masai Mara, or the biting, vicious cold of the High Arctic. It is this dedication which brings unmistakable realism and vitality to her work.

For fifteen years she also ran a sanctuary to care for and rehabilitate injured British Wildlife.  This close contact with her subjects is reflected in the realism and vitality of her work .

When you select one of Pollyanna's limited editions, you  chosing a beautiful piece of art which will bring an image of the natural world into your home.  You will also be creating a conversation piece - every painting depicts a real animal, and each has it its own unique story, which you can read on this web site and share with your friends and guests.

If you prefer to order by phone, please call 01733 865453 between 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday.



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Polly Anna Pickering

  • The Poppy Field - bopoppy


    This beautiful painting of a barn owl in a poppy field has been published to commemorate Pollyanna's 2012 exhibition of work at the National Memorial Aboretum. Pollyanna has painted Angel the barn owl, one of her favourite subjects, sitting amidst a glorious display of vivid red poppies.
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  • Wildness - Copy of File1428


    This beautiful book is a collaboration between Pollyanna, and Richard Bonfield, poet in residence for the Born Free Foundation. The book features over 50 paintings by Pollyanna
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  • [


    We are proud to announce the publication of 'Way of the Wolf' - the latest in a series of intricately researched and beautifully illustrated journals of discovery and thought-provoking observation from the mother and daughter team Pollyanna and Anna-Louise Pickering. In common with their highly-acclaimed back catalogue of work, 'Way of the Wolf' tackles the perilous state of an endangered species struggling on the edge of existence, battling against loss of habitat, ignorance and disease. In the book Pollyanna and Anna-Louise will take you on two specific journeys, taken five years apart on different continents, to seek out the threatened European wolf in Romania and the critically endangered Ethiopian wolf that clings to a rapidly diminishing habitat in the high mountains of the Horn of Africa.
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Polly Anna Pickering


Best Sellers

A Brush with Wildlife

A Brush with Wildlife

'A Brush With Wildlife' tells the story of the wildlife sanctuary which Pollyanna ran from her home for fifteen years. Lavishly illustrated with sketches, paintings and photographs on every page, it tells the heart-warming, amusing and inspirational stories of many of the birds and animals cared for by Pollyanna.


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