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Limited Editions


Care of your Limited Edition

Care of your Canvas

Limited Editions

All of our prints are published using the latest technology available, on acid free museum quality paper or canvas.  (Acid free materials have been treated to neutralise the natural acidity in order to protect fine art or photographic prints from discolouration and deterioration.)

A Limited Edition Print is a fixed number of identical prints taken from an original work of art.  Each is numbered in succession showing the print's individual number above the total edition size. Signed limited edition prints are individually signed by the artist. Once a limited edition size is set and printed, no further copies will ever be reproduced as a print. (In contrast, open edition prints are unlimited, and therefore there is no restriction on the number of copies which can be printed and re-published, making them far less collectable.)

We aim to keep our ranges of prints highly exclusive by keeping to very low edition numbers.  The majority of the prints available on the site are published in editions of just 250.  This means that the editions are likely to sell out fast, and also that the pictures are likely to increase rapidly in value once the editions are sold out.

All our prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity, which is an additional guarantee that your picture is authentic.



We supply all of the pictures on this site unframed.

Firstly this to keep the post and packaging costs at a reasonable level - framed and glazed pictures are both heavy, and very vulnerable to damage in transit.  It is very difficult to get adequate insurance against breakage of glass, and if this does break, the picture itself can often be damaged beyond repair.

Secondly, this allows the customer to select mounts and frames which compliment their individual rooms, style of decor, or other artwork they already have hanging.

Limited Edition prints should be framed with a mount, and glazed to protect the image.  Your framer should be pleased to look at a selction of mounts and mouldings which suit the picture you have chosen.  It is traditional with limited edition prints to cut the mount to show an area of white bordering the picture, so that the artist's signature and the number of the edition are also visible.

Daniel Beauchemin, owner of Chelsea Frames, in New York City advises "Framing should really complement the art - it should not compete with it." He suggests that when choosing a frame, you try to match it to the style of the work. "You won't want a heavy frame with a delicate image," he explains. "But if I were framing a black-and-white photograph of a strong landscape, I could be stronger with the framing." And, he adds, don't concentrate on making the frame fit the room; instead, make sure it fits the artwork.

When framing Pollyanna's paintings we usually select mounts in soft neutral colours, which complement the natural palette of her wildlife subjects.


Care of Your Picture

Limited Editions

As all of our limited editions are printed on acid-free paper, using the strongest permanence of inks available, they should not fade.

However it is aways advisable not to hang a picture in a place where it will recieve very stong direct sunlight.  (If you are concerned that a print may need extra protection, ask your framer about 'Museum glass' - this filters out harmful UV rays to further protect the work.) 

Once the picture is glazed it will be protected from dust and other environmental factors.

Canvas Prints - currently sold out

As all of our limited edition canvases  are printed on acid-free canvas, using the strongest permanence of inks available, they should not fade.

However it is aways advisable not to hang a picture in a place where it will recieve very stong direct sunlight. 

The canvas prints are varnished for protection.  They can be lightly dusted with a soft, dry cloth.  They should not be wiped with a wet cloth. Do not use any form of cleaning product or furniture polish on the surface, as this may affect the varnish!  In the unlikely event your canvas becomes marked consult a proffesional framer or picture restorer, or contact us for further advice.

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2017 Owl Calendar

2017 Owl Calendar

For fifteen years Pollyanna ran a wildife sanctuary from her home in Derbyshire, caring mainly for birds of prey. Many of the beautiful and evocative paintings in this calendar are inspired by the owls she cared for and rehabilitated into the wild.


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