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"Pollyanna Pickering is considered to be one of the best Wildlife Artists in the world"

Jenni Murray : BBC Radio 4


"If you have never seen a barn owl in all its colourful magnificence, this is your chance, for Pollyanna's paintings are so good that you can almost feel the softness of the feathers and hear the swoosh of their flight as they hunt through the night air."

David Bellamy


"Pollyanna is a painter gifted with an exceptional artistic talent"

Brigitte Bardot


"Pollyanna - you are so much admired. For your art and also for your compassion and concern for the animals"

Virginia McKenna


"Pollyanna will be long-remembered for her knowledge of the 'wild ones', her art, and her graciousness"

Tippi Hedren


"Pollyanna and Anna-Louise go into the wilds and bring back beauty"

Neil Finn (Crowded House)


"Pollyanna Pickering is more than just a wonderful artist. She is a marvellous ambassador and campaigner for animals."

Nick Jenkins : International Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.



Best Sellers

2017 Owl Calendar

2017 Owl Calendar

For fifteen years Pollyanna ran a wildife sanctuary from her home in Derbyshire, caring mainly for birds of prey. Many of the beautiful and evocative paintings in this calendar are inspired by the owls she cared for and rehabilitated into the wild.


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